Andrew Bird - Oh! The Grandeur

Wait by Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire - [Oh! The Grandeur (1999)]

 The song is based on Galway Kinnell’s poem “Trust the Hours (Wait)”


Melancholic harmonies, tinted with pain, nostalgia, and even hope.

You’re tired but everyone’s tired

This is the type of songs -I dare say, the kind of artists- which are wrapped in an attractive sense of mysticism that finds its own meaning each time you listen, every time you feel the chords of the violin stinging in your veins, reminding you that

Hair will become interesting
Pain will become interesting

The first time I listened to this song I was sitting on the couch of a friend’s house, watching her clutch with pain, trying to catch her breath, me holding her hand. 

Distrust everything if you have to
But trust the hours
Haven’t they carried you everywhere up to now?

We found ourselves waiting. Waiting for the minutes to pass until her medication finally kicked in and all that we could hear in the midst of the  medicinal numbness was Bird’s violin in its sad and grievous fury. It was almost cheerful…

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